Study Spotlight

90Second IBD

People living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) may have a poorer quality of life than people without IBD. There is strong evidence that disease activity may impact a patient's overall mental health and wellbeing. How severe the disease is has an important influence on mental distress. Mental distress impacts work, relationships, and social life. Despite the disease causing many mental health issues, most people with IBD have very limited access to mental health support. Mental health is not talked about as a normal part of IBD care so people with IBD may refuse mental health support. New interventions are needed to help IBD patients deal with mental distress. An informative newsletter containing credible health information may be beneficial for IBD patients and help them manage mental distress. 90SecondIBD is a novel way of delivering health information about IBD.

This study is investigating whether "90SecondIBD", a weekly online health letter, impact IBD patients' quality of life and self-efficacy (your belief in your ability to succeed in specific situations and complete tasks). Receive easy to understand health information weekly through an email newsletter.


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