Flu Vaccine Update

We recommend that all IBD patients receive the annual flu vaccine. Many pharmacies are doing on-line booking this year. Please contact us if you are having trouble getting the vaccine.

The flu vaccine is a non-live vaccine. It is safe to get if you are on biologic therapy. The best time to get your flu shot would be at the “half-way” point between your treatments. For example if you take Humira every 2 weeks, the best time to get the flu shot would be a week after your dose and a week before the next one. If you get an infusion every 8 weeks for example, the best time to get the flu shot would be at the 4 week point.

There is a high dose flu vaccine for patients aged 65 and older. This is an option for our IBD patients who are over 65, however if you are unable to access it, the “regular” dose is sufficient.

If you have more specific questions please contact us.

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